Tips on Saving Energy in Winter

3 Easy Tips on Saving Energy in Winter

Winter has come, and for most households in the US, this means turning up the heat to keep the ambient temperature inside the home at a comfortable level. What this also means is higher energy usage, which translates to higher electricity bills.

But even in winter, there are things you can do to conserve energy. Here are three easy and simple tips for conserving energy in winter:

1. Set the thermostat between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit

As mentioned above, the very first thing that most households do when the cool winter air has come is to adjust the thermostat to make the home warm and toasty. Experts suggest setting the thermostat between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and to adjust it by eight degrees (up or down is okay) when you step outside.

2. Seal all gaps on doors, windows, and floors

Those gaps on your doors, windows, and floors mean one thing: letting the cool air in and the warm air out. To avoid higher heating costs in the winter, seal those gaps with draught excluders. You don’t have to rush to the hardware store to get those, too. Rolled up newspapers are sometimes enough to do the trick.

3. Put the fireplace to good use

If there ever is a perfect time to use the fireplace, it’s winter. Fire crackling from the fireplace can heat up the room and give it a warm and cozy ambiance. It’s the perfect set-up for a relaxing day indoors. Make sure to have enough logs and to use all the appropriate tools for handling burning logs, and keeping the kids and pets safe from the fire (use an appropriate fireplace screen).

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