Teaching Kids About Saving Energy

Three Ways to Teach Kids About Saving Energy

Children first learn about the world, life, and everything in it from their parents. You are your children’s first teachers, which is why it’s important to be aware of what you’re teaching your kids at an early age.

And with the planet in dire need of help, parents should start teaching their kids about conserving energy as young as possible. Here are three simple ways to teach kids about saving energy:

1. Talk to them about the environment

Use this opportunity to teach your kids about the environment and all living beings that call it home (including endangered and extinct animals), and why it needs their help to survive. Explain to them how conserving energy can help the environment. Turn it into a story-telling time complete with props to make it more fun.

2. Schedule gadget time

Mobile devices, especially tablets, have become the “electronic nanny” that most parents rely on, and while they do keep the children entertained for hours, too much screen time can have serious consequences on your child’s development.

Schedule gadget time to limit your child’s usage, and since parents should set an example, you and your spouse should also limit your usage. You can schedule specific hours where everyone will stop using all mobile devices. This will test your creativity, too, as you need to keep the kids entertained without any help from their electronic nannies.

3. Go carless

Whenever possible, take the bus or walk to your destination. You can teach kids about fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, and air pollution at the same time. You also teach your kids the importance of physical activity to stay fit and healthy. Additionally, going carless occasionally can give kids the opportunity to pause and enjoy their surroundings; to really take in everything that nature has given them (and you).

For more energy saving tips as well as energy conservation programs and advocacies you can support, please stay tuned to this site.

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