South Bay Energy: Why Going Paperless Is Good For Your Business

South Bay Energy: Why Going Paperless Is Good For Your Business

Since the advent of email and local area networks, companies have been making the shift to paperless operations. There are many benefits that can be gained by going digital; in fact, once your workplace has gone paperless, you might be asking yourself how it survived on paper. Here are some of the benefits you could see by going paperless.

1.  Lower energy costs. A typical workplace pays around $65 per printer yearly if the printer is in use for five hours a day. While $65 seems like a pretty low number, this only includes the times when the printer is actually printing something. This does not take into account the hidden costs associated with standby or sleep mode, which could be 10% of the energy consumed by a printer in use. Shredding of confidential documents could also use the same amount of energy.

2. Lower paper costs. An average employee uses up to 10,000 sheets of paper annually – a yearly expense of around $200 per employee. Going paperless will result in cost savings of $10,000 for a company with 50 employees. Using less paper also means less demand for it; this will have a significant dent on the water and energy used by papermills, which was projected to be 5% of the world’s total energy consumption as of 2005.

3. Easier document searches. As anyone who’s searched a card catalogue or a steel filing cabinet would know, looking for printed copies of documents, including books and business records, could be such a pain sometimes. In contrast, today’s employees appreciate the ability to search for electronic files using their files. Some platforms also allow users to search the contents of files using keywords.

4. Better security. Filing cabinets are fast becoming obsolete as data thieves find them easy to open and prone to human error. Electronic documents stored in secure media or cloud-based file-sharing system, on the other hand, can be protected with passwords. You may also determine which personnel have the permissions to view your files.

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