South Bay Energy: How An Energy Star Sticker Can Save You Money

South Bay Energy: How An Energy Star Sticker Can Save You Money

You might have the blue Energy Star sticker on a trip to the appliance store. The Energy Star program is an initiative led by the Environmental Protection Agency that helps consumers make smart decisions about their appliance purchases and in the process help the environment. For more than 25 years, the Energy Star program has been identifying and promoting products that have excellent energy efficiency.

There is a perception that a product that has the Energy Star sticker is more expensive than others that don’t have it. It might have been true a few years ago, when Energy Star-certified appliances were up to $200 more expensive than non-certified products. However, due to the demand for certified products, manufacturers are developing and marketing more of them, thus driving down the cost of production to the point where they could sell Energy Star products for lower prices.

Because the price of certified appliances is no longer the deal breaker it once was, consumers can now focus on what really matters: energy efficiency and cost savings.

For example, there are certain appliances that use more energy than others. Clothes dryers, for example, use up to 25% of a typical household’s energy consumption. An Energy Star certified dryer consumes around 20% less energy than other models. Other appliances also exhibit the same type of energy efficiency when they’re Energy Star-certified. Refrigerators with the sticker use up to 9% less energy. Certified clothes washers, on the other hand, consume around 25% less energy and more than 40% water than their non-certified competitor brands. These savings tend to add up over time.

The next time you need to replace an appliance or buy a new one, choose the one with the blue Energy Star Sticker. You’ll feel the effect on your monthly electric bill for years to come.

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