Is Your Home Leaking Energy?

Is Your Home Leaking Energy? Three Hidden Spots for Air Leaks

Air sealing your home is one effective way to save energy and help the environment. It’s a simple project that you can accomplish in a day or two, and the cost far outweighs the long-term benefits. The task however, requires you to look beyond the obvious; that is, check uncommon spots where air could possibly leak.

Here are three hidden spots for air leaks in the home:

1. Attic

The attic is one area in the home that is often overlooked; forgotten for years until issues become apparent (which could be leaking roofs or unwanted animal guests). When was the last time you checked your attic? See that the hatches aren’t letting air out. Check the windows, walls, and floors too, to see if there are gaps, holes, or cracks.

2. Utility lines/connections

Power outlets, gas and electrical service entrances, switch plates, and TV lines (including cable line) aren’t usually inspected for air leaks. Next to the attic, they are the second least fixtures in the home that gets attention; at least not until they start showing problems. All these utility lines/connections may have gaps that let the air out. Make sure they are properly air sealed.

3. Mounted appliances

If you have a wall-mounted air conditioning system or perhaps a window-mounted one, check that the gaps between the unit and the wall have been properly sealed as well as these could cause large energy leaks in the home. Also check the vents and fans.

You might also want to ask a professional to check your home’s insulation as the standards by which they were installed when you moved in decades ago may not meet today’s standards anymore, which means your insulation may not be as energy efficient as you thought it was.

Energy proofing your home is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for the household as it keeps the ambient temperature comfortable. Plus, it could dramatically reduce your monthly electrical bill.

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