Save Energy

The summer could be hot and sweltering, but it takes a lot of electricity to run the air conditioner around the clock. However, there are ways for you to cool down while keeping your electric bill down too. You can shave hundreds of dollars off your power consumption and help protect the environment too. Here are some ways you can save energy this summer:

1. Open your windows more often. If you live in a place with a lot of windows, simply turn off the air conditioning and open your windows. That way, you’ll allow air to come inside your house and circulate around it, cooling the indoors. It might get uncomfortably warm in the afternoon, though, so at this point, you might want to close the windows and set the thermostat just a few degrees down. Once the temperature outside goes down to comfortable levels, you can open your windows again.

2. Cook meals outside. The kitchen can be a hellish place in the summer since the heat produced by the stove and oven stays there. In addition, cooking using a gas-fed stove consumes energy. One way around it is to prepare meals that require little to no cooking (such as salads and sandwiches), or to cook outside. Grilling your food outdoors is a great way to enjoy the sunny weather and an excellent excuse to have friends and family over.

3. Find another place to stay in. There are many places around the community where you could sit back, relax, and cool down. These include the public library, where you could read in peace and quiet and enjoy the free air conditioning, and the community center. You could also meet new people who are possibly trying to escape the heat too. Remember to turn off the air conditioning before leaving home for best results..