Home Improvements

At South Bay Energy, we want our customers to get the most out of their energy dollar. While we provide some of the lowest power rates on the market, many of our customers still feel that they’re paying too much. A lot of that has something to do with their home energy efficiency. They might be getting the latest Energy Star rated appliances, but their houses themselves might be causing the energy use to go up. Here are some things home owners could do to cut down on electricity costs.

1. Check your air conditioner. A lot of home owners install air conditioning units that are larger than needed. While they may justify it by saying a large air conditioner does not have to run as long as smaller ones, it’s not exactly the smart choice. In fact, experts say that indoor spaces that cool too fast tend to see more condensation, leading to extra moisture and mold in the sheets and curtains.

2. Check your insulation. Did you know that insulation and cooling/heating systems need each other to be effective? Adding insulation to spaces like your attic will help reduce the demand on your heater during winter and will help cool down your home interiors during summer. You might also want to check the air conditioning ducts to see if their insulation is intact.

3. Check your house for leaks. Water is not the only thing that could leak in and out of your home. In fact, little cracks in the wall, ceiling, or crawl spaces could cause your heating and cooling units to work harder than they should. Hot air can seep into your home when it’s hot and out of your home when it’s cold. Apply caulking to those little cracks. You might be surprised at how much you’ll shave off your next electric bill.