About Us

South Bay Energy was founded as an energy services company with headquarters in Hauppage, Long Island. The company sources its electricity from different suppliers such as power plants running on natural gas, nuclear fuel, coal and oil. It also gets energy from renewable sources, including tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and solar power plants. With a client base of more than 1,800 subscribers across New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois, it is an emerging leader in the field of energy services.

As an ESCO, South Bay Energy allows its customers to choose where they will get their energy. Furthermore, as of July 2019, 100% of the power sold by South Bay Energy is matched with renewable energy certificates. This means that whether the source of a customer’s electricity is nuclear, coal, or gas, the company compensates for it by acquiring a similar amount of energy generated from renewable sources. This program spurs the development of more renewable power plants.

South Bay Energy has two main advocacies: giving consumers the power to choose their energy sources and helping them save the environment. These two are related in various ways. The company believes that saving the earth starts at the household and business levels. Thus, we are also committed to letting people know about ways they can help conserve energy. This includes small improvements they can make to their homes or offices that will help cut cooling and power costs. We also review and compare appliances so consumers can make intelligent choices about their purchases. Above all, we do research on new energy production methods that are both efficient and sustainable.

Everything that we do at South Bay Energy is aimed at making clean energy accessible to more consumers. Together, we can help promote renewable energy, bring electricity costs down, and help save the environment.